AT&T Fleet Complete

Connection Overview

To move forward with an AT&T Fleet Management integration we will need a credential set.


1. A user with administrator access to your AT&T Fleet management database has to create a AT&T Fleet management service account with a security clearance of “view only”

2. Please make the username macropoint-service@”databasename” where “databasename” is derived from your web portal URL in the example below

3. Your database name can be found in the address to your web portal. Please provide this URL so that we can obtain the server/database name. Example: https://afmfe3.att.com/abc_company/ In this example "abc_company" is the database name

4. Provide the username, password and copied URL to your assigned MacroPoint Activations Consultant

5. We will test the connection before deployment. Tracking with AT&T Fleet Management identifies vehicles as the name or number that you have assigned to the vehicle in your portal

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